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November 29, 2011

HOT FLASH!!!!! What happens when a snow woman gets a hotflash?

 How cute are these?  These have always been a big seller for me at my shows. They are so easy and fast to make.
 Here are the supplies you will need:
card stock, toothpicks, glue sticks, plastic snowman hats, beads for eyes or google eyes, brown, orange and white paint.
 Paint some toothpicks brown and some orange. While these are drying:
 Cut 1"x 1" squares with fancy scissors from the card stock.
 Using a fine tip Sharpie marker, write on the squares.
 Once the toothpicks are dry, cut both ends of the orange toothpick about a 1/4" in size.
 Using the brown toothpick, glue it to the back of the hot flash card stock to make a sign.
 Cut the sharp end off of the toothpick so it is flat.
 On a metal cookie sheet, spray it with Pam, and then add a blob of glue from the hot glue gun.
 Place the snowman hat onto the warm glue
 Then add the eyes and toothpick nose, pressing them into the warm glue.
 Next place some more hot glue to the side of the hat and keep adding glue around the base of the toothpick sign.
 You will need to just keep adding small amounts of glue up the toothpick.
 Hold the sign in place until it dries.  It won't take very long to dry.
 Once the glue is set, take a razor edge and peel it off of the metal pan.
Wipe off any excess oil from the bottom of the snowman and then paint it white.  Let it dry and TADA~ 
You have a Snow woman that has had a Hotflash!!!  
Gets lots of chuckles~
If you have any questions, please let me know!

November 23, 2011

And Now on to Christmas.....

Here on the left is a light I made from an old cistern pump, and on the right is a mason jar with a 20 strand of lights in it. The picture doesn't show it, but the star is etched out so the light shines through it. and around baby Jesus' head.
Here is a glass black light with a 20 strand of lights in it as well.
The tag reads, "The Perfect Gift"
Here is a glass ornament with a rusty angel hanging from the homespun hanger.
This is another mason jar with a 20 strand of lights in it. This is a variation of a Kim Klassen design.
A warning to all viewing the next few pictures.....they are is not your eyesight, it is my poor photography skills.
This is my own design painted on an old mason's trowel.
And that is it!!! The show was a big success, very busy for two days. I wish I would have taken a picture at the end of the show, I actually brought in a few spring things it was so bare.
I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving !
I will be posting a tutorial in the next few days, so come back and visit!

November 1, 2011

By the Light of the Candy Cane Moon~

 I have found my self painting by the" light of the moon" these last few nights in effort to get enough inventory for my upcoming show.
I finished this Terrye French design last night.
 I found this vintage briefcase at the Osborn Farm Fall Festival.
It had several old pens and a few paperclips still in it.
Of course it needed the silicone dipped lights to add the warmth and glow of the "candy cane moon".
I got these from my favorite antique dealer in Cheyenne, Wyoming this summer.
I saw "church window" when I envisioned what I would paint.
These are old roof tiles off an outhouse, rusted to perfection!!
We are supposed to get more snow tonight, I will be painting!!!!!!

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