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May 30, 2011

Creating and then Starting over......

I had an idea for this saw when I dug it up from the bottom of some weeds at my favorite antique dealers day of picking! However, after painting black letters on the white chippy barn wood, and then adding a much to dark couldn't see the lettering, so..........
I then started over and used white lettering over the black....and I still don't like the way it looks! You can't really see the nails in the wood either, So....
I am starting piece of wood and probably new homespun colors as well....looks to much like Christmas! The saying is "By a Carpenter mankind was made, and only by that Carpenter can mankind be remade." Check in tomorrow, hopefully I will be finished!

May 25, 2011

Flowers in The Hutch

I was able to finally get some flowers for the Rabbit Hutch!
I even found a cute speckled hen for the roost inside.
You can't see her very well.
I know....a chicken in a rabbit hutch?????
I put the hutch by a tree that is close to The Craft Cabin.
This is the east side of the Craft Cabin.
Look at all the galvanized stuff I have to paint on hanging on the fence and side of the cabin!!!
You should see the west side.....I will save that for later.
Stay tuned as I am getting very anxious to have a Give Away, before "The Give Away"~

May 24, 2011

Graduation Day! Busy Weekend! Now, back to painting!

Our Middle son, Dillon graduated from high school this weekend.

There are 5 high schools in Fort Collins, averaging 1600 students per school.
The graduation ceremonies are held at Moby Gym on the campus of Colorado State University.

Our oldest Cody, Dillon, Me, Patrick, and youngest Garrett
We then had a Pig Roast with Hawaiian Luau theme party on Sunday.
Lots of work, but so much fun!
And with all the rain we have had, I think I can officially say~

May 13, 2011

Garden Tools ~

When we moved onto our property in l985, the acreage included an old homestead that was abandoned and all the out buildings and barns were falling down. We had the volunteer fire department come and burn the buildings for practice. Every year we take big loads to the dump in effort to clean up the "junk" that was left behind. I rescued this old hoe with its broken handle from the truck, ready to be hauled away!
I painted a variation of a Terrye French design and added some bumble bee fabric and a salt dough bumble bee.
I just knew it had a purpose!!
Since I was on a roll with the garden tools, I painted this old shovel head too!
This is another variation of a Terrye French design.
I wrapped a pineapple garland to the handle and tied some homespun for the hanger.

We have had cold, rainy weather for the past few days. Today was beautiful, but more rain and snow expected tomorrow night and Sunday.

Trying to get ready for my middle son's high school graduation and haul our cattle to summer pasture this weekend! Could be tricky!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

May 9, 2011

Picking At It's Finest!!!!

I traveled to Cheyenne, Wyoming this morning to my favorite antique dealer!!!! She has the most amazing collection of "stuff" to get your creative juices fired up.
I told her of a few things that I was hunting for about 2 months ago, she said she would call me when she found some "stuff" for me. Wow....look at all this "stuff"!!!
She has a big open field of wonderful "stuff" and we spent a couple hours just "Pickin'"
I have a few ideas for each of these pieces and can't wait to start transforming them!
But the coolest thing I think I got was this old Rabbit Hutch......Can't wait to add some flowers to the door way.
What do you think!
Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day!

May 2, 2011

Finally Finished the Berry Picker~

Here it is...the finished berry picker! This was fun to paint.

I painted both sides so it can be seen from both angles.
I added a star cutout with red bells and rusty wire and a sprig or two of berries.
The handle is tied with some home spun and I painted a tea-stained tag to the handle.
This will be listed in my esty shop!
Thanks for stopping by!

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