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June 30, 2012

Hello........It 's been way to long~
I have been taking somewhat of a break, I have had so much to digest in the last 2 months that I just had to put a few things on hold.  I am back now and so much to share.
Here is a custom order night light that I made with a cowboy flare.
I think it turned out so cute.  I found these small boots at a yard sale last summer.
 They were all black to start.
We finally got our bathroom remodel done and I will post those pictures tomorrow.
Blessings to all~

April 26, 2012

My Heart is in The Garden.........but,......

My heart is in the hands and body are busy doing other things!!!!
I painted this on a large enamelware lid that has been hanging out in the flower bed by the craft cabin.
Super busy this past few weeks.
My youngest son is graduating next month from high school, he is currently in the Delayed Entry Program to become a United States Marine. Saturday, we were at Buckley Air Force Base watching him and other Poolee's
at the annual Family Day. Drill Instructors from San Diego Marine Corp. Recruit Depot were there to give them a taste of Boot Camp. Very exciting to watch. My son is the one in front of the platoon. He has earned the position of Guide. So Very Proud of Him!
Sunday was branding day! We branded 82 calves. This is my oldest son and my sister in law.
This was the first time she ever touched a branding iron. She's hired!
The bathroom is slowly coming along. We ran into a snag once they pulled the toilet. Water damage to the floor, so a new sub floor had to be put in, and we had to find the flooring material that matched....shipped from Las Vegas, ended up in Kansas City, and now heading back to Colorado. Tomorrow is tile day!!!!
My parents were able to come over for the weekend events. My father made a whole bunch of these lathe stars for me to paint. This is the only one I have been able to finish.
He also made some beautiful magazine racks that I can't wait to paint.
That's it for now...

April 10, 2012

A house with a Cat....

I wanted to share this custom order that I just finished.
And a few farm animal magnets!
I have been cutting wood like crazy the past couple of days. The weather has been beautiful.
My youngest son is going to prom this weekend and then graduation is right around the corner.
In the middle of it all, we are having our bathroom remodeled.
I will post before and after pics, for right now here are the lights that are going next to the mirror.
The ones I ordered have an antique copper finish.

And this is the copper sink I picked out. It is oval~
And matching copper tiles for the back splash and around the shower.
It is fun to pick everything out as you imagine it looking in your head.....just hoping it all comes together in reality!
Hope everyone has a wonderful day!!!

March 31, 2012

Congratulations Barb!!!!
You are the winner of the Softball Bunny!
Thank you to all who entered this give a way and your wonderful comments!!
Due to the computer crash, I lost a lot of files....I had to re-build from my last back up of September 2011.
So I have spent a lot of time just trying to get the taxes done!!!!
All is good now and I hope to start posting more....Here are a few pics of things I painted.
This is a dust pan~
An old enamelware coffee pot with a Terrye French Design
This is an old tin shingle from an outhouse
This is a Terrye French Design
This is a huge brass or something of that nature...? wall hanging? It has a floral design etched into it.
You cant see it very well...and darn, I forgot to take a before picture~
This too is a Terrye French Design
And this is the bottom of an old porch post that I added some pip berry garland to and a battery operated candle.
These a just a few....I will post more.
Thank you! For being a follower of the The Craft Cabin~

March 8, 2012

Whooo Hoooo! It works!!!!!

I think this bunny turned out so cute!!
Made from an old Softball.
I have been without a working computer for over a month!!!!
Finally got the new one and just learning how to "get around" on it.
Since I didn't have a lot of computer time, I did get a lot of painting in......
I will post some more pictures soon!
But for now.......
I am going to give away one of these bunnies!!!!
Thank you for being a follower!!!
All you need to do is:

1: Be a follower of my blog.
2: Leave a comment on this post!

I will draw the winner on March 31, 2012

February 24, 2012

Computer Crash......Uuuugggghhhh!

It has been coming....I knew by the way the tower was starting to hummmmmmmm....the turtle pace at which it took to do anything....and died~
It all happened on January 29. My husband and I were headed to the NCBA (National Cattlemen's Business Assoc.) in Nashville for 4 days. So I was told that it would take 7 to 10 days and I would have a brand new, state of the art, faster than the wind, more memory than we could ever fill up, get the picture. I thought being that I would be gone for 4 days of the possible 10, that was reasonable. Well, it is now almost 30 days later, and I still have nothing but my old computer, with bits and pieces fixed, so I can still "try"to run the businesses and the odds of it crashing in the middle of trying to post this are pretty high!
So...sorry for not having posted in a while, I do have a give -a-way planned, and I have been getting a lot of painting done. Can't wait to show you~
Hopefully, I have been told that I should have the new computer by the end of next week......until then~

January 27, 2012

OFG 50 Club......We are talking HALF OFF!!!!!

There is a great promotion going on with the Old Farmhouse Gathering Team, several artisans are offering items at 50% off. Just type in OFG 50 Club in the etsy search bar. Or click here.

Lighted Little Drummer Boy Christmas Wreath Decor      OFG 50 Club
This is what am offering today!!!!
Come take a look~

January 20, 2012

New Listing in my Etsy Shop~

I have had a couple of these old milk bottles for a few years now.
And I have decided that this is the year to paint on the things that I have had for a few years,
to de-clutter and simplify my stash....
Before another year goes by.....
Now I want to go find some more milk bottles, cause the possibilities are endless~

January 15, 2012

Share the Love Celebration at OFG

All of the wonderful artisans from the Old Farmhouse Gathering Team are having their first Celebration of the New Year called, Share the Love Celebration on Etsy.
Just go to Etsy and type in OFG STLC in the search bar.
I have made cinnamon dough heart bowl fillers,
A wooden heart with a bedspring and battery operated candle light.
An Enamelware Spoon
With Saltbox and Sheep
And a tea stained hang tag with pip berries and homespun.
And a vintage coal shovel
With a tea stained hang tag and pip berries.
Just looking for some love.......
Enjoy all the wonderful finds that these creative ladies have made to

We Have a Winner!!!!!

Congratulations to SewYorkie~
And thank you to all who commented and follow my blog!
I will be having another give away soon, so keep checking back.

SewYorkie is the follower chosen for today!!!!

She will have until Tuesday morning to post a comment to this blog to claim the heart bed spring.
If unclaimed, I will draw again~
Good Luck
Blessings on this beautiful Sunday~

January 12, 2012

The Follower Chosen to win is....???

Becky will have until Sunday morning, January 15, 2012 to post a comment on this blog to claim the Bedspring Heart. If no response, I will draw again~

January 11, 2012

It's Time for a follower Give a way!!!!!!

Happy New Year to everyone, I pray all are off to a wonderful beginning.
I have had a chance to take a break from the busy craft season and get a few things caught up here at home.
I have been doing a few valentine items for the Old Farmhouse Team which I will post on Friday.
But I wanted to start off the New Year with a follower give a has been too long since the last one. I will be giving away the above hand painted homespun heart bed- spring decor. This is a Terrye French design. I will be posting the followers name on Friday morning. The winner will have until Sunday morning to claim the prize. If no one claims it I will draw again.
Good Luck to everyone!
And thanks again for being a follower~
We have a batch of kittens that our barn cat decided to have on our back porch the day before a snow storm....I am pretty sure she planned the whole thing, knowing that I wouldn't let her brood freeze in the upcoming storm. So for the last 7 weeks, these cuties have lived in the mudroom and I have my own door draft blocker!!!!
This was taken last week from our back deck as the sun was setting over the mountains!
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