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July 23, 2011

A Little Ice Skating in the Heat of Summer!

I finally found some time to finish the ice skate I mentioned earlier.
I really liked the color of these skates when I found them with the Black Plum top and Black bottom.
A piece of homespun allows it to hang.

So refreshing on a HOT day!
Stay Cool Everyone~


  1. Oh Doris,
    Those are really cute. Never seen them that color before. You were lucky to find those. I found a pair, but they had a 3-D insignia with Lake Placid on them!!!!! Couldn't take it off!!!! I have my eyes peeled for skates!!!! Guess could use my own. I don't think I'll be skating anytime soon!!!!!


  2. Doris that is fantastic! Love it .Hugs,Jen


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