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August 14, 2011

Christmas Painting has Begun...

It has begun....I must now cut out, prep or paint at least 3 Christmas items each day from now until November 21st to have enough inventory for my biggest show of the season.
I finished this Santa on an old cupboard door today.
He has a 3d effect with his dangling bell from his hat,
And the arrangement of hang tag and greenery attached to his gloves.
This is a Sharon Reiner design.

I have my middle son leaving for college on Thursday, and my youngest starting his senior year of high school on Monday of next week.
Hoping to have some good quality crafting time!!!!!
I know I am in need of the therapy it provides.....
Blessings to all~


  1. Oh Doris, That Santa is really nice. You did a good job on him. Never painted on a door.
    I know, you like the kids home, but you like when they go back to school. Have some "ME" time!!!
    Have a great week,


  2. Santa is so sweet! Love the 3D effects! But, wow...3 things per day?? Yikes!! That would be likely a whole year's production for this crow!! You go, Girl! Craft On!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  3. I love your Santa, he turned out so nice! I'm with the other lady...3 a day?? Wow, you are just a going concern!! :)

  4. OK...I love him. But...I love all of your artwork. have really set quite a goal for yourself...three things each day!!! Go girl, go girl, go girl:) I will be back to see everything. My favorite....your holiday trees. They are awesome!!!!!!


  5. Oh my, Doris! Santa is so awesome! Love the cupboard door you painted him on and the 3-D effect! Happy painting!!!!

  6. Love, love, love your Santa! Wow lady, are you going to be busy!!


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