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October 25, 2011

Calf Weaning, Harvest Festival, Football, and Painting, Painting, Painting!

I apologize to all of my wonderful followers for being absent for over a month!!!
Life just kept happening at a rapid pace, and I have been so behind on EVERYTHING.
We gathered our herd a few weeks ago to wean the calves and get them sold.
Here they are finally in the corrals, we had to drive them about 4 miles.
Here is my husband taking a break in the shade.
We had a family wedding in September, here we all are.
I was able to go to Osborn Farms in Loveland, Co for the fall harvest festival.
The pictures don't look as good as being there in person.
The lines are long to get your harvest finds weighed on the old scales!
Beautiful Day!
My youngest son is a Senior and plays Middle Linebacker on Varsity. They have had a rough season with only 2 wins under their belt so far, only 2 more games left. My husband and I are his biggest fans.
And here is an ornament I designed and painted for an upcoming Treasury Give Away from the Old Farmhouse Gathering Team on Etsy.
I cut out a sled from old barn wood and then painted up a cute little guy all wrapped in his warm fleece. Stay tuned for more details in the next few days.
These are door candle holders.
You can put them around windows, cupboards, doorways, shelves....anything with a square edge.
They come both ways, right or left, and they can be painted any color.
They look so beautiful and warm. Also beautiful on vaulted ceilings.
These will be listed in my etsy store.
I am less than a month away from the Applewood Arts show and feeling a bit stressed.
My parents came to visit me last week and stayed for a couple of days. My father was a wood cutting machine and my mom was a worker bee on little details that needed finishing.
I love them so much!!!!
We are also in the midst of a winter storm as I type this, can you believe it? We are supposed to get 7 inches of snow when it is all said and was 76 yesterday.
Blessings to all of you!


  1. Welcome back!! Good to hear from you....Wonderful photos....yeah, we're supposed to get snow this week too - not a sticking kind though thank the Lord!! Love your door candle holders - what a fun touch....Wishing you well....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  2. Welcome back!!!
    Looks like you've been a busy gal!!!
    Love the snowman ornament!
    Snow ~ yikes I don't really want to hear that word yet!!!!
    Have a great day!
    Prim Blessings

  3. Wow, that's got to be a lot of work gathering all those cows! That sure is a beautiful picture. I love your door candle holders, they look perfect in your house :D Your little ornament is too cute!!

    We are supposed to get some snow tomorrow with possible accumulation in the hills, I am in the hills :( I am not ready yet!!


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