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January 11, 2012

It's Time for a follower Give a way!!!!!!

Happy New Year to everyone, I pray all are off to a wonderful beginning.
I have had a chance to take a break from the busy craft season and get a few things caught up here at home.
I have been doing a few valentine items for the Old Farmhouse Team which I will post on Friday.
But I wanted to start off the New Year with a follower give a has been too long since the last one. I will be giving away the above hand painted homespun heart bed- spring decor. This is a Terrye French design. I will be posting the followers name on Friday morning. The winner will have until Sunday morning to claim the prize. If no one claims it I will draw again.
Good Luck to everyone!
And thanks again for being a follower~
We have a batch of kittens that our barn cat decided to have on our back porch the day before a snow storm....I am pretty sure she planned the whole thing, knowing that I wouldn't let her brood freeze in the upcoming storm. So for the last 7 weeks, these cuties have lived in the mudroom and I have my own door draft blocker!!!!
This was taken last week from our back deck as the sun was setting over the mountains!


  1. What a beautiful sunset!!!!! Love the little kitties. So cute when they're little!!!!

  2. awww! Look at those little sweeties. They are so cute sleeping in your doorway like that! ♥ Very cute pictures of them!

  3. Love your giveaway - can we have one of the kittens too? They are adorable! Please include me in your drawing and thanks so much!

  4. Doris, what a talented lady your are. I believe you can paint on just about anything. Love the heart. I am a follower and would love to have my name in the drawing. I will post on my sidebar.
    Country at heart

  5. cute picture of the kittys..I am a big cat lover. You have some really cute things and would love to have my name entered..I am a follower and will post on my side bar
    Have a great day
    Smiles and huggs

  6. Oh Doris, your pic of the kitties is so adorable!
    I am a follower and would love a chance to win your beautifully painted make do. It has all my favorite things included ~saltbox house, American flag, sunflowers~ oooolala.
    Have a great weekend!


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