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April 26, 2012

My Heart is in The Garden.........but,......

My heart is in the hands and body are busy doing other things!!!!
I painted this on a large enamelware lid that has been hanging out in the flower bed by the craft cabin.
Super busy this past few weeks.
My youngest son is graduating next month from high school, he is currently in the Delayed Entry Program to become a United States Marine. Saturday, we were at Buckley Air Force Base watching him and other Poolee's
at the annual Family Day. Drill Instructors from San Diego Marine Corp. Recruit Depot were there to give them a taste of Boot Camp. Very exciting to watch. My son is the one in front of the platoon. He has earned the position of Guide. So Very Proud of Him!
Sunday was branding day! We branded 82 calves. This is my oldest son and my sister in law.
This was the first time she ever touched a branding iron. She's hired!
The bathroom is slowly coming along. We ran into a snag once they pulled the toilet. Water damage to the floor, so a new sub floor had to be put in, and we had to find the flooring material that matched....shipped from Las Vegas, ended up in Kansas City, and now heading back to Colorado. Tomorrow is tile day!!!!
My parents were able to come over for the weekend events. My father made a whole bunch of these lathe stars for me to paint. This is the only one I have been able to finish.
He also made some beautiful magazine racks that I can't wait to paint.
That's it for now...

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