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April 19, 2013

What's Been Going on for the Past 10 Months????

Since May of Last Year a whirlwind of changes have blown through our lives.  All very good and extremely proud moments.  I wont bore you with details, but give you some highlights.  Our youngest on the left, decided to join the Marines in November of 2011, he was part of the Delayed Entry Program as he was just a senior in high school.  In April of 2012 our middle son on the right decided he wanted to join as well, finished his freshman year of college and awaited his leave date for boot camp.  Well....along came May of 2012, my youngest was supposed to leave for boot camp in August 2012, but they moved his leave date up  to May 31.  So he literally graduated from high school, and two days later he was headed to MCRD, San Diego.  My oldest, pictured center decided that he was going to fulfill his childhood dream of joining the Air Force a few days before our youngest left,   He was working at our local Ace Hardware and going to college part time.  So along came September 2012,  our middle son left for boot camp in September and our oldest left for Basic 2 weeks later.  Three sons.....all left the nest within months of each other.
                                          SEE WHAT I MEAN ABOUT A WHIRLWIND?
  A very long and hard summer and fall on my husband and I as we adjusted to just the two of us and myself having to pick up where the boys had helped for so many years.   Needless to say, we are doing great.  We reduced our cow herd so it is more manageable for me.  The boys (might I insert that they are truly MEN, but they will always be our boys.)  are all doing wonderful, enjoying their new lives.

(this is an old ceiling tile 24 x 24)  
Meanwhile...The Craft Cabin has expanded to Laramie, Wyoming.  In March of 2012, a very dear friend, I refer to her as my "sister", because we look alike and people are always asking, "Are you sisters?"  decided to lease some space at a HUGE flea market  in Laramie, WY.  We started off with a small space, just to see how sales would be and committed to a 3 month lease.  Well, by month 2, we had the opportunity to expand and sales were booming, so we took the next step forward.  By the end of the year, we were offered an even greater opportunity, and again expanded our space and moved to the front of the store.  
That's me on the left and my "sister" on the right.  Her wonderful father built our storefront for us.
A little blurry, but this is it! Over 400 square feet of wonderful space.  
So that is a little bit of what has been going on in my world over the past year.  I live for phone calls from our sons and keep my hands busy and my mind calm by creating.  
Will continue to post to the blog, but really enjoy the simplicity of Facebook.  Follow me on Facebook ...The Craft Cabin Online
I have limited my Etsy store to mostly signs as it is easier to manage.

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  1. HOLY COW Doris!!!
    I am sure you are so proud of your son's but what a huge adjustment! Being married to the Air Force I hope your son('s') will like the military!
    Congratulations on your success in you shop. LOVE the look of it. Great to see you doing so well.


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