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January 23, 2011

Another Cold Baby

This little guy had a cold beginning this morning. We have 25 first calf heifers calving this year. So far we have 5 on the ground and doing well. 1st calf heifers always need a little extra watching and often a little extra human help before their "mothering instincts" kick in. It was so cold, terrible winds all through the night and early morning. We had to bring this calf in for some "thawing". Our border collie bandit sometimes thinks he is a calf, and wants only the best for his herd. The calf went back to mom and as of this evening was doing great! We will see what tonight brings. This week is supposed to be much nicer! YEAH!


  1. That calf has lots of hair. What kind of cows are they?

  2. Hi Alice!
    They are black angus cross. Most calves are black or black with a white face also known as black baldy. We do have one cow that looks like a skunk. Her calf this year is a spitting image of her. So cute. I will post about her as soon as I can snap a picture.

  3. Enjoyed this story about your herd and Bandit. Isn't God's critters amazing. Here is this dog that takes his job seriously ! :) Ya' just gotta' smile at that.


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