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June 20, 2011

Flocking to America

This Vintage Kerosene Can has some character with it's dents and dings, but looks so cute with the prim sheep "Flocking to America" in their own parade.

This wonderful design comes from Kathryn Wrona who also has her own Etsy shop called CoveredBridgePrim
She has some beautiful things to offer.
Be sure to check it out!
I met Kathryn through Etsy when she saw another design of hers I had painted for my winter shows last year listed in my Etsy shop.
Kathryn was so kind to send me a copy of the "Flocking to America" pattern that was published in the August 2004 Create & Decorate magazine
I just love the little sheep!


  1. Love the gas can and the Peace on Earth painting. You do awsome painting. Wish I had been blessed with that talent. Thanks for sharing

  2. Doris this is perfect !I love your painting style .Hugs,Jen

  3. Another fabulous painting, Doris...I so LOVE your work!

  4. Thanks so much Angela, Sandi and Jen!
    I do love to paint! It is my therapy!!!!

  5. Wonderful painting Doris and I love Kathryn's designs, have to go check her out! Deb


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