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June 15, 2011

A 'Nit Pickin' Thing.....

Do you know those little "Nit Pickin" projects that you have every intention of doing, but never seem to get around to getting them done?
Well, I finally finished one of them ...I needed to freshen up the white paint and change the web address to my etsy shop on the wagon out by the road.
Looks much better now.

So while I was out snapping pictures, I came across some lovely flowers to show you.
My Iris are finally blooming!

And, last Friday I made a quick trip to my favorite antique dealer in Cheyenne, Wyoming and came home with a real gem.......
Here is the top of it.....
I cut the top tier shelf out and put in a potter with wave petunias...soon they will be pouring out of it.
I say that with such confidence!

More Lovely flowers!

And......TA DA.....
Check out this huge pigeon coop bird house.

I am not sure this is the location for this wonderful specimen of "old and chippy", but I have all summer to decide.
Have a wonderful day~


  1. I love the wagon by the road!! I have a few of those projects to do myself!! The bird coop house is wonderful. I hope those petunias pour out of it too! Wonderful ideal. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love the wagon- I am green with envy!!I too have alot of projects that need doing,but it all takes time. Love the flowers, we are going into winter here in New Zealand and I can't wait till we get some beautiful flowers growing again!
    Happy crafting, Michelle.

  3. Love all of your flowers and the birdhouse is a real treasure! I have lots of those "Nit Pickin" things that I really need to get finished.LOL! The wagon looks awesome !Hugs,Jen

  4. Thanks for your lovely comments!!!
    I have the best followers!
    Big smile~

  5. Love your wagon. Beautiful flowers and that birdhouse is awesome!


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